Since 2004, started its activities with the goals of design and advertising, based on the experience of founders and specialists. During these years, TARH SAAZ-e- GOHAR has been involved in the construction of exhibition stands, as well as marketing, carrying out all exhibitions affairs, holding domestic and foreign conferences and festivals, always with reputable companies to increase their sales and capital.

TARH SAAZ-e- GOHAR advertising center offers innovative solutions in the field of graphic design and printing, advertising solutions and consultancy and also different kind of services such as logo designing, website designing, designing and printing the boxes, catalogs and brochures, typeface and layout for magazines, books and calendars, printing of exclusive diary calendars, printing price inquiry and upcountry bulletins, offset printing with the latest printing technology, digital printing, printing of handbags, booths designing and making, laboratory equipments, advertising stadiums, etc.

The company has been trying to capitalize on its valuable assets, such as specialized forces and its accumulated experience over the years, and to use it to boost its customers.

Establishing a booth at the exhibition is one of the most effective advertising tools in introducing the organization's behavioural class. At first glance, people visit the pavilions, which have a more attractive structure than the rest of the building, so the exhibit booth will create a new competition for investors in this field as well as organizing institutions. Therefore, based on the goals and needs of the exhibitors, TARH SAAZ-e- GOHAR has taken effective steps in this regard, with relying on of the abilities of the elite forces and backed by the creation of modern forms of architecture, and has tried to use innovative concepts for the installation of modern pavilions in this gamut.

  • Consultancy, artistic directing and project management
  • Designing of logos, emblems and trademarks
  • Designing, typeface and layout for various kinds of magazines
  • Designing of catalogues, posters, brochures, commercial ads in the city entrance
  • Design and implementation of complete and accurate packaging of products
  • Designing of office paper sets (business cards, letterheads, envelopes and note papers)
Part of the modernity of today's cities lies in the display of billboards and panels while decorating and creating diversity in the urban environment, records the desired messages of the organization in the subconscious audience.
The special attraction of this type of advertising, which is in the designing of modern styles and the art of colour combination, has also led to the most appropriate result to be achieved at a given time of the advertisements and provides the developing tools of the organization.
We have also been working on the design and implementation of this type of advertising by utilizing the artistic nature and identifying the style of the audience in any part of the city or country.
  • Design and planning of all executive services
  • Management of service and information
  • Formation of project planning and control committee
  • Design and prepare draft guest invitations form
  • Identify new audiences and guests
  • Executive management of the seminars and the formation of the secretariat
  • Create a Show Room to present products and services
  • Preparing Billboard Banner and Conference Posters
  • Organization of exhibition stands
  • Exercise to do formalities
  • Preparation and ordering of educational package and donation
  • Coordination for catering and servicesand Catering employees
  • Informing guests and audiences
  • Finalizing the guests' list and issuing ID cards
  • Strategic planning of conference information (before, during and after the conference)

Industrial / Promotional / Documentary


  • Advertising photography for brands
  • Industrial food photography
  • Industrial clothing photography
  • Industrial automotive photography
  • News photographing from various seminars and events
  • Industrial photography of products for publishing in catalogues, billboards and websites
  • Photographing the production lines of the factories and the interior spaces of the companies (personnel-environment)

By the assistance of a professional and experienced design team, the company is trying to make the most of its outstanding features. In this regard, with the help of the god, TARH SAAZ-e- GOHAR  intends to focus on construction with the least structural and visual defect for its own future goals.

Because a defect occurs when the user experiences obstacle during using space due to design errors and in some cases improper implementation.


  • Design of interior decoration for houses, offices and chain stores, public places, etc
  • Perform all architectural design projects for residential, office and commercial buildings, health care centres, entertainment centres…
  • Landscape architectural design projects
  • Landscaping, demolition and classical and modern making over
  • Architect and booth arranging

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